Small Efforts Lead to Big Rewards

Continuing to focus on the small things will help you reach those big goals! 5x5 goblet squats to finish off today's training session! #GobletSquats are a great way to develop your squat pattern and refine your bottom position. Remember these key tips: 1) keep your abs tight 2) corkscrew your feet into the floor to create torque at the hip 3) shift your weight back into your hips and heels 4) keep your chest up (by looking straight ahead) as you sit back and down 5) Keep your knees tracking over your feet. #movementtips #movementmonday #squats‪#‎movementtips‬‪#‎movementmonday‬ ‪#‎squats‬ ‪#‎ntcfit‬ ‪#‎ntctrainer‬