Workout Wednesday: TA-Burpee!

This #workoutwednesday burner features one of my favourite H.I.I.T schemes: Tabata Intervals. It also features Burpees, one of my favourite exercises! Tabata intervals involve 20 seconds of high intensity activity alternating with 10 seconds of rest. Typically 8 sets (4 minutes worth of work) are completed, making this type of workout a great finisher to tack onto the end of training session. So here it is, "TA-Burpee"... Enjoy!

8 sets of:

  • 20 seconds of burpees
    • full range of motion involves touching your chest to the floor in the bottom position, and completely opening your hips during the 'jump and clap' portion of the movement
  • 10 seconds of wall-sit/squat hold.
    • Keep your chest up, your abs tight, and your knees stacked over your ankles. 

If you attend my #NTC classes at Academy of Lions, you know just how fun Tabata burpees are! Give it a try and let me know you like it! It's gonna be great!

p.s The winner of week's #workoutwednesday 'Keep Pushing' Contest is @nkmom13! You'll be hearing from me this evening! Stay tuned for more contests in the next couple weeks!