Done by Dawn: Week 2

 Another great morning in Toronto! 

Another great morning in Toronto! 

I was a little worried when I got up this morning that attendance as my #donebydawn class would be sparse due to the 'cold' and cloudy weather! Boy was I wrong! The #NTC-ers of Toronto never cease to amaze me with their dedication, strength and energy! We ramped things up a little today with a 45 minute NTC class inspired by 3 of my favourite workouts from the N+TC App - The Dynamic Duo, Circuit Breaker and Beach Balance workouts! You can find them all under the 'Get Focused' stream on the app, and the Dynamic Duo Workout is also featured as this week's Workout of the Week; You need a partner for this one so grab your girls and get moving!

I've had a few people tell me that they wanted to come to class this morning, but weren't able to get a spot as class filled within a couple minutes of being posted for registration. (Small side bar here, I feel very honoured and grateful that so many people want to spend the first hours of their day with me!). Never fear! Below you'll find an outline of the drills and timing from today's class! Try the workouts from the N+TC app listed above to get familiar with the drills, then give the workout from today's class a go! You're sure to feel #betterforit! 

Done By Dawn Week 2 Workout: 

Holding Pattern: 2 foot lateral hops

Dynamic Warm-Up - 5 min

  • Jumping Jacks -20 sec
  • Alternating Knee Hugs - 30 sec
  • Alternating Hamstring Stretch 30 sec
  • Jumping Jacks -20 sec
  • Walkout with chest opener - 30 sec
  • Jumping Jacks - 20 sec
  • Long Lunge with chest opener 60 sec
  • Deep squat with hip opener - 30 sec

Circuit 1 

  • Plié Releve Squats - 1 min
  • T Push-ups - 1 min
  • Star Jumps - 1 min
  • Single Leg Swivels - 30 s/side
  • Recover 30 sec

Repeat x2  

 Partner Drills 

  • Single Leg Squats - 1 min
  • Plank Jumps - 30 sec per partner
  • Recover 30 sec

Repeat x1

Circuit 2  

  • Alternating Curtsy Lunges - 1 min
  • Arm & Leg Extensions with Row - 1 min
  • Shuffles with Cross Reach - 1 min
  • Corkscrews - 1 min
  • Recover 30 sec

Repeat x1

Partner Challenge 

1 min Alternating Full Extensions For Reps! 

Cool Down - 5 min

  • stretch and recover


This sums up today's class for you! I hope to see you bright and early next Wednesday for another great #donebydawn NTC class!