The Freya Experience!


I started training with Freya after my first pregnancy and before my second, so I had the opportunity to compare the two. It's not really a fair comparison; pregnancy was so much better the second time around after I had a strong, functional baseline. I kept on training through my pregnancy right up until I delivered. Freya researched pregnancy and exercise before adjusting my program, and I always felt challenged but safe. Most importantly, my ability to manage labor was changed. I kept hearing Freya's voice in my head, with each contraction, saying 'you're in control, breathe and calm your heart rate.' It was like the most intense tabata ever, and after I gave birth to a healthy baby girl, my midwife exclaimed, "that was the most efficient birth I've ever seen!"

-Mei-ling Wiedmeyer (delivered her daughter in August 2013)

Freya is really perceptive in knowing when to push you further (which can be surprisingly far!) and when you really just have to stop. She can also spot frustration and lack of focus a mile away and knows exactly what to do and say to help you restore it - I find that to be such an important part of training! At first it was disappointing in early pregnancy to not be able to push myself quite as hard but she's still made me feel like I accomplish a lot at the end of each session. Freya is an empowering trainer and I'm so grateful that she's busting my butt while I'm pregnant to keep up my posture/balance while my body changes and to prepare me for the physical challenges of labour.

-Sarah Maynard (15 weeks pregnant)

I'm 29 years old, 28 weeks pregnant and have been crossfitting for 4 years now. Freya has been my coach since the beginning, though I've only started working with her one on one since becoming pregnant. I'm pretty independent in the gym and Freya respected this by putting together a flexible once per week program with some additional modules that I could use on my own, or to help modify the WOD. This program has been instrumental in guiding me to workout safely and still train hard during pregnancy - both to maintain my strength and train for delivery. My first meeting with Freya was also very significant for me. Before we even got into specifics, we spent some time exploring my goals and validating the transition that I am experiencing going from athlete, to athlete mom. This helped me to appreciate the mental importance of ongoing training in pregnancy since being an athlete is an important part of my identity that I plan to continue into motherhood. I'm very much looking forward to more private sessions with Freya as I get bigger in the later stages of pregnancy and during the 4th trimester! I can't say it's always been a piece of cake so it's great to have someone like Freya there for support and to answer my questions along the way.  

-Laura Lachance (28 weeks pregnant)

During my pregnancy I felt safe working out with Freya as my trainer. I was able to stay active and safe while pregnant and for that I thank Freya. She rocks!

-Karla Bravo (delivered her daughter April 2015)