The Holidays Are Coming!

It's happening...

Santa is coming to town this morning, stores are playing Christmas music, and my inbox has been flooded with holiday sale emails for the last week! Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE the holidays - the cheer, get-togethers, and music are great but as a health professional I also recognize this represents a challenging time of year to stick to your training, fuelling, and sleep routines.

This is the time of year when it becomes just a little bit easier to drop the reigns, go buck wild with food and drink and to skip one too many workouts.

Sadly, this leaves many men and women feeling out of shape, guilty about their holiday indulgences and negatively about themselves come January, and often results in lofty, hard to achieve New Years Resolutions, costly gym memberships, PT packages, and meal plans.

Am I saying you don't get to have ANY fun over the holidays? 

Certainly not. What I am saying is that it can be a pretty slippery slope from 'I'll just have one shortbread cookie' to Nog-ing it up and skipping workouts from Dec 1st-31st.


Now, we know that health behaviours tend to cluster together, that communities are great for holding us accountable for our actions and goals, AND that a solid routine can help us stay on track to achieving our health and fitness goals. Sticking to our training routine can help us all think-twice about our food choices, moderate our indulgences, and to maintain BALANCE throughout the season. 


  • Write your SMART goals out and post them somewhere you'll see them EVERY day.
  • Create a BALANCED training schedule or routine and stick to it
  • Find a training partner, or make a pact with a friend to stick to your training routine.
  • START YOUR DAY WITH ONE HEALTHY CHOICE! Whether it's a 'clean' breakfast or morning run, get the (snow)ball rolling early in the day and positive choices will follow!
  • Meal-prep to avoid insulin comas at school and/or work, and take a healthy dish you know you'll enjoy to holiday parties and potlucks!
  • Don't be too hard on yourself if you have one indulgent evening!

Here's to a healthy and happy December friends!

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