Spotlight: Sunday Movement and Mobility


If you've been following us on social media, you've probably read all about our new FIT FOR FESTIVUS series: 5, 10, and unlimited class pass offerings that are valid across all of our programs (including our new class offerings beginning in December) to help you stay fit, healthy, and on-track to your goals through the holiday season!

Why? Because...

Community = Commitment

Consistency = Key to Success 

Cross-Training = Injury Prevention


One of our new expanded classes that we're super excited to be running is our CO-ED Sunday Afternoon MOVEMENT & MOBILITY class!  Why is mobility important? Well, first things first, if you cannot get into position, you cannot complete compound movements like squats, single leg squats, or even inversions properly. Secondly, mobility and movement work helps us tap into the feedback we're getting from our body to better coordinate and perform movements in general. It helps to protect our joints from injury and keep them healthy. Lastly, mobility and movement work is a great way to take your training in another direction..literally. We spend so much time going forwards (and rarely backwards) in our everyday life and training, our body actually starts to lay down more fascia and fibres to promote movement in those planes. 

If you don't use it, you lose it

If you don't spend time moving sideways, diagonally, in crawling or inverted patterns, our bodies dispose of the fibres and motor programs we use to complete those tasks. Ever return to a sport after a long off-season, such as hockey or soccer, and notice you feel a little rusty? Have you ever found yourself unable to perform a skill you once had mastered after a long hiatus? If so, then you know exactly what I'm talking about (and how frustrating if can feel!). 

Great Mobility Requires Great Stability

Now, I've mentioned before that mobility is a part of a two man Wolfpack in the past. Mobility on its own will allow you to get into some awesome positions, but will not necessarily feel stable or prevent injury (a la Vince Vaughn doing the involuntary Iron Cross or any America's Funniest Home Videos featuring an accidental 'splits' routine). Mobility needs a little help from it's friend, STABILITY.  Here I'm referring not only to overall (core) stability, but also stability of the specific joint(s) you're working into. How do we do this? With appropriate muscular recruitment and respect for tissue length, feel and range. 


So what should you expect in a Movement & Mobility Class 

Join us on a Sunday afternoon, and you can expect to move upright, sideways, upside down, forwards and backwards. This class will feature multiple crawling patterns, joint mobility exercises and stability drills, postural work, along with stability exercises, self-myofascial release, individual and partner stretching.

Mobility work is NOT a walk in the park

This sounds like an 'easy' class, but believe me, when this work is done PROPERLY, it is no easy task. If you're joining us for a mobility class, the first thing you need to do is check your ego and notions of what a workout should 'feel like' at the door. Rushing through these movements to finish first, or because they are 'hard' is counter-productive. In this class, the 'finished product' is not necessarily the goal! Rather, mindful practice, the development of body awareness and improved coordination are key aspects of this class. 

Ready to Join Us?

Grab one of our FIT FOR FESTIVUS class passes HERE and we'll see you Sundays at Artscape Youngplace from 12:30-1:30 pm!