Spotlight: Friday Night Skill & Strict Strength

Fridays are for Getting STRONG


If you've been following us on social media, you've probably read all about our new expanded class offerings to help you get on track to a fit and healthy 2017!  January equals a fresh start for many people, but is also the time of year where gyms are stuffed full like a turkey, selling 10 year memberships and promoting unreasonable resolutions and training routines. Let's make this commitment to our health and fitness a positive one, by surrounding ourselves with an amazing group of supportive, motivated movers who are ready to get started on their 2017 goals! And of course because...




Our Friday evening CO-ED SKILL & STRICT STRENGTH class is a relatively new and exciting one! Running early enough that you can still get home to get your weekend on, this class will help you build strength and focus in your training. The strength portion of each class will make use of tempo bodyweight drills, eccentric work and free weight exercises, while the skill portion will dare you to try new movements and positions that will challenge your body and your brain. This class is open to all levels

So What Can You Expect at a Skill & Strict Strength Class?

  • 5 minute warm-up including mobility work specific to the strength drills and skill work that class
  • 15 minutes of skill work
    • Skills we'll be practicing include: turkish get-ups, pistol & shrimp squats, archer push ups,  L-sits, rolling and inversions
  • 20 minutes of strict strength and accessory work
  • 5 minute cool down/recovery
  • (and probably some hip hop)

If your goals are to get moving, to build body awareness and strength, and to try new skills, this class is for you!

Ready to Join Us?

We would love to see you in class! Grab a drop-in or class pack here and come train with us!