The (F)Empower Project Presents: Ljiljana!



I still remember her first NTC was a cold and wet night during the very first NTC Winterfit series in Toronto. Ljiljana came to the class with her daughter Nika, and (as I have now learned is her usual pattern) certainly made her presence known! I remember running back to the gym with her after the workout -- she was tired, but she never gave up! And she never has since. Ljiljana has been coming to my classes for years - she is a dedicated, fun, positive, energetic and uber-supportive lady who serves as an amazing example for her community. I'm thrilled to present her (F)Empower Training Story to you today! 

My name is Ljiljana. I am 64 years old and a mother of two.

Since an early age I was very physically active which was a real nightmare for my parents because they never knew where I was, if I was getting injured, stuck in a tree or lost track of time playing sports and forgot to come home. During my school years I took part in all sorts of sports (handball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, swimming, skating). I was also very good at track and field disciplines and gymnastics. Later on in life, in my free time I would ride a bike, hike, ski or just do exercises at home or the gym. I also danced (ballroom and Latin) for years.

Two years ago, my daughter invited me to try an NTC class – a high intensity interval training workout. I just loved it and I kept coming 3 times a week from North York to Queen and Ossington. The classes are amazing, very versatile and the coaches are extremely knowledgeableand they really make you sweat.

It was very hard in the beginning, it still is, but through time and regular exercise I built my muscles, got stronger and improved my flexibility.

My body has become toned, changed for the better and made me feel good. I have no joint pains and don’t run out of breath when climbing the stairs.

I also started running. In February 2015 I couldn’t run for 1 minute. Through the training and fitness classes I was slowly improving. In April I ran my first 5km, then 10, then 15 and in October I finished a half marathon in San Francisco! I am so very proud of this achievement. 

My best reward is when much younger women tell me that they can see how much I improved and that I am an inspiration to them. 

The conclusion:

I feel physically fit, which makes me physically and mentally strong.

One might say I am an exercise addict. I enjoy doing it, even when it’s hard, but pushing myself to be stronger is a good thing.