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Sandra MerGulHAO

Sandra Mergulhão has been a runner, financial journalist and TV news producer for the last 9 years...working across the globe for companies like Bloomberg TV, CNBC, and The Motley Fool amongst others. She loves nerdy humour, carbs, eating ice-cream in the winter, and her labrador pup.

Her favourite way to sweat: Running. Ideally a good 7-10km after a stressful work day is the best way to unwind.

Why Sandra thinks self-care is important: Self-Care and balance is crucial given how fast-paced life has become. It's essential to take the time to unwind and relax after a busy work day. Being active and exercising is key to feeling healthier and energetic. But it's also equally healthy to indulge a little too. I sometimes clock in my fastest running pace when I know there's a home-made burger waiting for me at the end of the run...or even better, ICE CREAM!

Her go-to self-care strategy: Going for a run followed by a  healthy home-made meal after turning on my air-diffuser with lavender essential oil and relaxing with some great tunes!

Why Sandra resonates with SBM: Ah, I love everything this brand represents. I'm 'vertically challenged' and have always been the shortest one in most rooms I'm in, and people assume I'm weak. The SBM brand squashes those stereotypes. We may be small, but we ain't weak. Jenny and her brand are fierce yet feminine, and I haven't found a brand that ticks both those boxes the way SBMF does!

Where you can find Sandra: 

Instagram: @sandramergulhao


Twitter: @sandramergulhao

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Jocelynne Flor

I’m former food blogger turned lifestyle blogger passionate about starting a conversation about wellness. Through my platform I want to illustrate health as something stretches far beyond what is on our plates. I’m not an expert dishing out tips; I’m just a real life 20-something growing through life and taking everyone who wants to follow along on the ride. On weekends you’ll find me with my camera in hand doing anything and everything that I find interesting. Sometimes it’s exploring a local farmer’s market or taking a new class, other times it’s sitting on my couch reading a book or watching YouTube.

Her favourite way to sweat: Yoga! I did ballet in my teens and recently picked it up again. For me, it’s the perfect way to sweat because it feeds my creative soul while also strengthening my physical body without feeling like a chore.

Why Jocelynne thinks self-care is important: It’s so important to show up for yourself and to be aware of your own needs because if you can’t do that, it almost becomes a burden to show up for your loved ones, your job, your classes at school, or whatever else takes up most of your day.

Her go-to self-care strategy: I love a good face mask and gigantic matcha latte on a Sunday afternoon, but I also try to incorporate self-care into my daily routine. Journalling daily is my current go-to, but also the small things like having a great skincare routine or remembering to pack my work lunch are also forms of self-care.

Why Jocelynne resonates with SBM: Small but Mighty is all about empowerment and embracing strength regardless of what level you’re at. The training is based on functional movement over looks, and classes are the right balance of fun and hard work

Where you can find Jocelynne: 

IG: @jocelynneflor


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nathalie Niddam

Nathalie Niddam is a Holistic Nutritionist and a Bulletproof Coach….she works with her clients to help them identify and adopt sustainable lifestyle changes to optimize their performance and health for the longterm.  Using the 4 pillars of Personalized Nutrition, Stress Management, Sleep Optimization and Exercise Nathalie works with her clients to get them to and beyond their goals.  When necessary she can offer both Food Sensitivity and Nutrigenomix testing to further personalize a client’s program.  Supplements are used when needed to help the body overcome deficiencies and imbalances.

As a Bulletproof Coach, Nathalie also helps clients to work on their mindset and identify the obstacles that have been holding them back - once identified, these obstacles can be dealt with and progress is just a few steps away.  

Nathalie graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition with Honours and was a member of the first class of Bulletproof Coaches trained through the Bulletproof Training Institute.

Nathalie loves cooking and is a lifelong foodie which, combined with her passion for helping people is part of what led her to her current career.  Nathalie also loves to travel, to get out of the city and into nature whenever possible.  Nathalie is passionate about new technology in the health space and is always on the lookout for cutting edge ways to help her clients crush their goals (she calls these “health hacks”.

Her favourite way to sweat: Any Small But Mighty workout - whether it’s lifting or a Build & Burn Class, the community and Jenny’s professionalism is always inspiring.

Why Nathalie thinks self-care is important: Self Care Balance is crucial to my health, to my relationships with my friends & family and to being able to be present for my clients so that I can do my best work every day.

Her go-to self-care strategy: My go to strategy these days is to get outside every morning, to meditate (even if it’s just for 5 minutes) and, to stop working when my family gets home….one of the biggest mistakes I see people make (especially entrepreneurs) is to never stop working.

Why Nathalie resonates with SBM: The Small But Mighty Brand to me is about Jennifer Thomson - she is the most knowledgeable person I know in the health and fitness space - her positive spirit combined with this knowledge creates a safe and fun environment where every member can work to their fullest potential.