"Jenny is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the world of fitness training and mobility.  During the 2014 Crossfit Open, all my challenges and weaknesses were brought to the forefront.  My main challenge that was really inhibiting me and holding me back from most of the major Crossfit movements was my mobility.  Jenny was wonderful enough to accept the task of helping me reclaim my mobility, specifically my hips and thoracic spine.  For 6 months Jenny had designed specific mobility programming for me, adapting it to my weekly training regiments.  She checked in with me on a weekly basis to ensure that we were always on the same page and that progress was taking place.  She was always available to explain or give a hand with movements.  With Jenny’s help, I’m now able to overhead squat comfortably and I’m able to hit all my proper Snatch and Clean and Jerk positions consistently and accurately.  Without her insights and knowledge of mobility, I would not have made the gains in my lifts or my gymnastic skills.  Her patience and constant care as a coach is truly what distinguishes Jenny from most.  You can’t go wrong with having Jenny in your corner.  You’ll only get better and stronger … AND MORE MOBILE!"   -Warren C

"Ok. Training with Jen. Where to begin.  My shirts don't fit because they are now too small.  I'm sore all the time.  I make weird sounds getting up from a seated position. I'm taking more baths than ever.  And I wouldn't change this for anything. She's the best.   P.S. A word from the wise. If you are training with Jen first thing in the morning, make sure she has had a least 1 cup of coffee.  Your muscles will thank you immensely.. " - Dennis N

"Jenny has been my trainer for the past two years, and I have been consistently training with her one to two times per week. She is thoughtful, flexible, sensible and most of all extremely knowledgeable as she incorporates her educational background in exercise physiology into my fitness program. Jenny is a tough trainer but she knows when to push and when to back off. This reflects her sensitivity towards her clients and her appreciation of a client's physical and mental limits. With multiple, complex chronic illnesses and many past injuries, my fitness needs have been unique and often challenging due to strict physical limitations. Yet, from our first session, Jenny has easily adapted my exercise program to suit my abilities and has encouraged my participation in fitness by working with the whole being - mentally, emotionally and physically - rather than simply prescribing a program. This would have not been accomplished without her extensive knowledge base in life sciences and exercise physiology. With Jenny's support, I have been able to recover from serious illnesses and I feel stronger and have a better outlook on fitness as being FUN! Jenny's enthusiastic commitment to her clients allows me to trust her and pushes me achieve fitness goals! I recommend her without reservation." - Michiko C